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Real estate is an ever-changing market. What made you successful two years ago, won’t necessarily work today. That’s where the Xplode speakers bureau can help.

Matt Fagioli has been a realtor for more than 15 years and is the founder of the Xplode Conference Series. Back in 2011, he began networking with some of the most innovative professionals in the real estate industry to form his speaker’s bureau. Since that time, he and his team have presented at national, regional and local real estate conferences and seminars. The feedback they consistently receive is nothing short of amazing.

Why Use Our Speakers?

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion about real estate, so finding speakers isn’t that hard, but when you use one of our speakers, you get:

The type of speakers other realtors want to be like when they grow up


Real world tips on how to head in that direction


Takeaways and more takeaways


Experienced motivators


Whether you’re looking for someone to speak at your national conference, regional meeting or local team meeting, we have colleagues available ready to speak.

Call us today to talk about how you can have one or more of our speakers present at your next meeting. Our team will make yours look fantastic!

Real Estate Conferences That Can Double Your Business?

It sounds too good to be true, but we have example after example where realtors came to one of our seminars or conferences and used the takeaways to sometimes double, sometimes triple their business. That’s the Xplode concept.

We’re on a mission to build success in the real estate industry all across the United States. We do that by presenting up-to-date information and technology to help real estate agents and brokers get ahead.

Real Estate Topics You Can Use

Most of us don’t have time for outdated theories. We want to know what’s working right now. Our dynamic speakers are always ready to show what’s behind the curtain of their success. We provide practical ideas about digital marketing strategies and other technology that you can apply immediately.

Not Your Typical Real Estate Speakers

The saying goes, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, but with Matt and his team of speakers, they can do both- exceptionally well. All of the speakers associated with Xplode are highly successful real estate professionals who freely give away the latest tips, techniques and tools to grow your real estate business.

Become a Sponsor!

If your target market includes realtors or others in the real estate industry, then it’s a smart move to consider sponsoring one of our conferences or seminars. We offer various levels of sponsorship that will put you in front of the right people. Contact us today to discuss ways we can help you.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the real estate industry. If realtors are your target market, give us a call about becoming a corporate sponsor for one of our real estate seminars or conferences. You’ll love the results!

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