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Rob Hahn

7DS Associates

Rob Hahn

Managing Partner, 7DS Associates

(917) 921-7612 |

Rob brings a unique perspective drawing on many experiences from the smallest of startups to Fortune 500 companies. The ability to cross-fertilize, taking a proven idea or concept from one field to apply it to another, or to synthesize by blending them, is a major advantage.

At 7DS, Rob helps institutional clients in real estate and related industries develop and implement corporate strategy. The “implement” part is important, since the greatest strategy in the world isn’t worth the paper it’s written on unless it can be executed upon. To do so, he draws on his background in marketing, product development, technology, finance, law, sales, social media, events and even online gaming to deliver results. 

Rob likes to shake things up. He is a “change agent” — starting new strategic initiatives whether as small as a new corporate website or as large as major changes in business models. He understands the entrepreneur, having been one for years, and the corporate executive, having been that too for years. He understands both the possibilities and the limits of new techniques, whether social media, online communities, technology products, or business models.

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