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Hear What Attendees Have To Say About Xplode

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Xplode conference is life changing technology and marketing information.

Susan Meek

eXp Realty

The tools and systems we learned about from Xplode Conference have helped us grow our team and our results dramatically this past year

Kelly Robertson

Hands down, This is the best conference in Atlanta for Realtors

Nakia Brooks

Matt & the Xplode Team totally reshaped my marketing plans

Isaac Chavez

It’s safe to say that I’m a conference junkie, and I’ve been to a lot of stinkers. But not Xplode. I’ve been to three Xplodes, and each one was different. Matt really cares and personalizes the content, speakers and presentations to every city — and it shows. I get more out of Xplode than any other conference I attend, and the $57 I spend is more than worth it. In fact, if you’re in my market, stay away from Xplode. It’s my competitive advantage!

Robin White

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