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Real Estate Conferences In South Carolina Can Xplode Your Business!

Forget boring real estate conferences & seminars. Spend time with us!

Our Real Estate Conferences & Seminars Open New Doors

Everyone knows that the real estate market in South Carolina is dynamic and fast paced. If you don’t keep up, you can find yourself left behind. That’s we’ve developed Xplode and RealX.

Whether it’s a real estate conference or seminar, we make a point to bring together some of the most exciting, successful real estate professionals together with brokers and agents who want to learn the latest trends in marketing, technology and business innovation.

We’ve all been to long, boring real estate conventions where the sessions are too long and the speakers are long winded. We’re way past all of that. Here’s why you should make a point to attend one of our conferences:

  • Short, focused sessions jam-packed with tips, tools and techniques to grow your business
  • Dynamic, knowledgeable speakers willing to share trade insights
  • Nationally recognized sponsors and vendors with the latest technology
  • Opportunities to network with the most successful people in the real estate industry

Our mission is to help realtors and anyone in the real estate market improve their business. Why work harder? Let our real estate seminars and conferences show you how to work smarter.

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Xplode Is A Different Kind Of Realtor Conference

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of wonderful real estate conventions across the country, but if you’re looking for real estate conferences that are all about getting results, then call us. We specialize in creating action oriented, success driven conferences that motivated, excite and teach what works.

We bring together leaders in the industry with one purpose in mind- to share techniques and tactics on how to succeed in the real estate industry. Our speakers share details about their wins and losses so that we can collective improve what we all do.

Our conferences and seminars are not only a fountain of information, we also build in time for networking, so you have the opportunity for personal introductions and engaging conversations during and after our meetings.

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Real Estate Conferences That Build Success

We understand what success looks like in today’s market. When we create a real estate convention, we bring the latest information about what works in digital marketing, sales, closings, and more. From the newbie to the seasoned realtor, everyone leaves with more tools for success.

 Our goal is to unite agents and brokers with some of the most innovative and successful speakers in the real estate industry, additionally, to share as much knowledge and technology as possible. It’s an atmosphere where tremendous ideas are born and everyone leaves feeling enriched.

Practical Ideas

Our conventions are all about the takeaways. How many real estate conferences have you gone to where you tell yourself you’re going to change something, but end up doing nothing different? At Xplode, you leave with specific lessons, ideas and tools that you can implement immediately. It’s up to you to use them, but we create the incubator for success.

No sales pitches. No egos. No fluff. Our conferences and sessions are all about what it takes to make more money as a realtor today. Our association and MLS partners enable us to work with every agent and broker in every city while our sponsors provide both energy and expertise. 

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Dynamic Speakers

We bring together thought leaders in the real estate industry with proven track records that are willing to share practical tactics. Our speakers present meaningful, value added content aimed at growing your business.

At our conferences, our sessions are 20-40 minutes long. This way, there’s no time for extraneous stuff. It’s all about the details that help everyone in the room. We don’t give you time to get bored because you’re too busy learning.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Our conferences fill up fast. Because we don’t charge a lot, we often have hundreds of attendees and since we do real estate conferences across the country, the opportunity to reach thousands of realtors and other real estate professionals is just a phone call away.

For more than 8 years, we’ve been delivering world-class real estate conferences and seminars to major metropolitan cities around the country. If your target market involves realtors, contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together.

Some Of Our Sponsors

What’s the Difference in
Xplode Conferences and RealX Workshops?

Xplode Conference

With Xplode, you get a real estate conference that’s a full day of short, intense, jammed packed sessions filled with the latest techniques and technology to help realtors and brokers be all they can be in the real estate industry. 

RealX Workshop

With RealX Workshops, we give you a 3-hour sprint about various topics relevant to the real estate industry. Our goal is to make the most of your time while exposing you to the latest information about how to be a successful realtor. 

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Bring Us To Your City!

Sometimes it’s fun to attend real estate seminars in other cities, but you can also bring us to your city! Contact on the form at the bottom of this page about setting up an Xplode real estate conference or RealX real estate seminar in your hometown. Let’s work together to create the type of conference your city needs!

Whether you are new to the real estate industry or a seasoned pro, our conferences are where realtors come to learn the latest technology, marketing and sales techniques to grow their business.

The Future Of Real Estate

Real estate is a significant indicator of how well the U.S. economy is doing, and it’s no secret that the market has shifted in the past ten years. That’s why it’s so important to stay up on the latest advances in order to be successful. Our real estate seminars and conventions give you what you need for success in an ever-shifting market.

We can’t predict the future of the real estate market, but we can help you learn what’s working today. Don’t rely upon outdated techniques and technology. Let our real estate conferences be the springboard to your success.

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Practical Ideas

Prominent Speakers

Smart Realtors Want Smart Conferences

Real estate is a dynamic, ever shifting, exciting business. What was effective last year isn’t necessarily what works in today’s market. That’s why it’s important to see what the forward thinkers in the industry are doing to stay ahead. That’s why there’s Xplode.

Everyone knows that some realtor conferences can be serious yawn fests- boring beyond words. Speakers who just want to hear themselves talk and sessions about ancient theories. But, if you’re like us, we want to know what will help us make more money- now! We want tactics we can use today. We want information on how to work smarter and even ways to double our business.

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Real Estate Conferences That Give You What Need

Those of us who work in the real estate industry are always interested in learning what works. At our seminars and conferences, we’re all about the takeaways.

When you attend an Xplode conference, we give you real-world examples, tools, tactics and techniques that have helped realtors increase their business significantly. This is about putting you firmly ahead of the pack. 

If you don’t see one of our real estate conferences near you, contact us to talk about what it would take to bring us to your town. 

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Network With The Best!

One of the best parts of our conferences and seminars is that we create an environment where networking is encouraged. Sure, we bring in rock star speakers, but we want you to get the most out of your experience. We ask our speakers to spend time with the audience members to share even more detailed information about how to get ahead. 

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Real Estate Seminars In Your Home Town!

When we first started our conferences and seminars, we had a dream to go to every state in the union. Every year, we get closer to reaching that goal. We want to put on real estate conferences in Columbia, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Greenville and Rock Hill as well as other parts of South Carolina. Click here to read more about real estate seminars in South Carolina.

Upcoming Conferences

2020 Tour Information

We are assessing conference dates for the fall and will post information as soon as it is confirmed. Stay Safe!

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