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Peter Schravemade

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Peter Schravemade

Box Brownie

Fun, passionate, and interactive, Peter brings over twenty years of property sales, management, ownership and leasing, experience, adds a pinch of technology and mixes it all together with a background in digital marketing.

Peter’s in-depth knowledge, relevance, and fore-sight in property and technology trends make him internationally, one of the most sought-after presenters and advisers.

In 2016 Peter joined the phenomenon, which in just 3 years has rocketed to be the fastest growing property technology marketing platform in the world. Peter brings the benefit of the best of the international property concepts and demonstrates the research-based relevance to the global marketplace.

Passionate about de-bunking the myths and misconceptions related to marketing, Peter is a refreshing voice in an industry overloaded by the overwhelming white noise of new trends and fleeting fads.

Based in Australia (when not on the plane), you can find Peter, world-wide at property conferences, exhibitions, in webinars, radio interviews, and as a panelist for discussion topics.

Peter’s message is ideal for anyone in the property industry, including commercial, residential sales and leasing consultants.

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