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Matthew Josefs

Senior Trade Show Consultant,

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Matthew Josefs

Senior Trade Show Consultant –


Matthew has been a consultant to realtors for the past four years with TorchX and With a marketing background, he has a passion for helping realtors discover marketing solutions that best fit their lifestyle and business needs. With a wealth of knowledge on the latest technology available in the real estate world, he has helped thousands of realtors navigate the endless options by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and fits them with the strategy that is best suited to reach their goals. His expertise and thirst for knowledge has brought him to every state in the USA, and has educated him on countless situations and problems realtors face with their current marketing strategies. With all of the research he has done, he’s proud to represent TorchX which he can confidently say offers the best all in one solution for agents and brokers with a client success rate that speaks for itself.


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