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JP Piccinini

JP and Associates REALTORS®

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JP Piccinini

Founder, JP and Associates REALTORS®

Giuseppe “JP” Piccinini is the Founder of JP and Associates REALTORS® (JPAR) as well as chairman of the board for Vesuvius Holdings LLC, the holding company over JPAR, JPAR Franchising, and LendGenie. He is a real estate agent turned entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and dedicated father. JP currently resides in Frisco, Texas with his wife, Lauren, and three children.

JP started JP & Associates REALTORS in 2012 with 3 agents and is known for growing JPAR to a national real estate firm of 1800 agents closing $3B in sales by 2018. The firm is now ranked as the #50 real estate brokerage in the US by sales volume and the fastest growing 100% real estate company by REAL Trends. As a franchise organization, JPAR is operating in 6 states with goals to be in all 50 states by 2023. In addition to JPAR’s business success and growth, its service-based culture inspired the creation of the Emilio and Giovanna Piccinini Better Future Foundation, an organization that provides financial assistance to at risk youth.

Before becoming an entrepreneur – Mr. Piccinini was born in Naples, Italy and immigrated to the US at 13 years old. In his new hometown of Wichita Falls, TX, he attended Burkburnett High School and had a crash course in English and American culture. After high school, his parents returned to Italy, but JP stayed to pursue the American dream, earning a BS degree in Engineering at Midwestern University and beginning his journey.

JP became a top selling agent in South Carolina, closing 10 times more deals in a year than the average REALTOR. After several years of selling and hundreds of deals under his belt, he was compelled to move back to Texas in DFW to be close to family. In October 2011, in his Frisco home, Piccinini began JPAR with a vision of a real estate brokerage firm dedicated to exceeding expectations through productivity and service. His plan was to train and hire only full-time career real estate professionals who shared the same passion for real estate and helping others as he did. With the company’s overly successful 100%-commission model, it truly is a full-service brokerage at a transaction-cap model cost, with a productivity standard and a service-based culture.

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