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Gabe Cordova

President, Firepoint

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Gabe Cordova

President – Firepoint |

During my thirteen years working in residential real estate, I’ve touched nearly every aspect of the industry, including sales, team building, training, and system implementation. Building a top brokerage from the ground up in the worst real estate depression in the last several decades gained me vital experience and provided me with a thorough understating of the methods and means required to build and manage a successful real estate company. In this ever changing industry, I’ve been able to adapt new technologies, sales strategies, and implementation techniques that kept my brokerage and teams on top. I found a passion for coaching, by helping my constituents find and maintain the same results that I achieved.

Through working with multiple CRM companies over the years on developing their software to better suit agents, broker, lenders, and team leads, I realized no one was building that one system that could manage all of my needs. I decided that I wanted to be part of a solution for my fellow business owners.

Firepoint is quickly becoming known as that all-in-one system created by agents for agents. Through our incredible growth and development, I have found that I am that “by agent for agent” voice within Firepoint and bring a unique eye and point of view that is crucial to achieve and maintain that reputation. Over the last year of building our Account Management and Sales team I have also found myself collaborating with our designer and developers daily to ensure we are producing a product that is not only functional and easy to use, but is also keeping us cutting edge.

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